Andiamo in scena DOMANI sera.

Maybe it´s the proximity to the lakes near Munich, that I have a passion for Daycruisers and Daysailers. I like the minimal setting, the performance and at least the possibility for living aboard. Whereupon a classic daycruiser like a TRIAS or a MELGES 24 is not built for overnights. In the past the International 806 was the definition of a boat for the weekend. At the end the International 806 is a TRIAS with a cabin and the technical status of the 70ies. I know, all the H-Boot fans will give me beef now. No, I have not forget you. Unfortunately I´ve just never found the way to the H. That´s a personal thing. Perhaps it is too familial for my.

HIghTide Gentlesailing DOMANI S30 BOOT Düsseldorf HIghTide Gentlesailing DOMANI S30 BOOT Düsseldorf

If you can understand what I mean, the DOMANI is exactly yours. The ultimate compact yacht for exclusive sailing sensations.

We had a few posts regarding the DOMANI Daycruiser on HighTide and Insta over the last years. It is still the most stylo boat under 10 meters in the competitive environment. Ideal for Lakes an the Inshore Area. On the Boat Fair BOOT Düsseldorf 2019 we had another look at the fair and there was a very special DOMANI S30. Paintet in a special grey with deck a deck cushion in Britisch Racing Green. It´s a stunning combination, especially when you combine it with dazzling colours for e.g. the traveller.

HIghTide Gentlesailing DOMANI S30 BOOT Düsseldorf HIghTide Gentlesailing DOMANI S30 BOOT Düsseldorf

Above that DOMANI YACHTS is leading in electric mobility aboard. You can get the Boat with a Torqeedo Cruise Pod. Now we are back at the perfect performance cruiser for a lake. Imagine that, isn´t that a perfect combination.

HIghTide Gentlesailing DOMANI S30 BOOT Düsseldorf HIghTide Gentlesailing DOMANI S30 BOOT Düsseldorf

HIghTide Gentlesailing DOMANI S30 BOOT Düsseldorf light mood HIghTide Gentlesailing DOMANI S30 BOOT Düsseldorf lichtmood

Unfortunately I haven´t been on the boat till now, perhaps I can tell you more that days, cause the wharf has a sales week at the Lake of Starnberg this week. The conditions are fine, but could be better. We are expecting just 5kn of wind with a cloudy sky. We will see.

HIghTide Gentlesailing DOMANI S30 BOOT Düsseldorf

BOOT Düsseldorf / BRENTA is the key to style.

BRENTA is a always a sign of style. It´s pure, functional and it delivers performance. The big boats of the wharf are always a statement on the oceans. Above that there are the smaller ones, the daycruisers which are at least stunning.

boot düsseldorf brenta b-yacht performance cruiser boot düsseldorf brenta b-yacht performance cruiser

What do you know about the wharf? I was wired, cause I saw quite two similar boats at the fair. Just with a difference of 3ft. Both are called Brenta in a way. On the other hand the formal name of both stands were B-Yachts. Strange isn´t it? I tried to get an explanation and I got it. Unfortunately I don´t get the point. I can´t explain it to you. It sounds wired and strange. That´s not the thing you wanna hear, I know. Give me a try to explain.

boot düsseldorf brenta b-yacht performance cruiser boot düsseldorf brenta b-yacht performance cruiser

boot düsseldorf brenta b-yacht performance cruiser boot düsseldorf brenta b-yacht performance cruiser

Everybody knows BRENTA, yeah its a massive chain of mountains in Italy. The sailors among us will think about the yachts and perhaps that amazing Italian Millionaire who also owns a Brenta. O.K. Back to the story. At the end there ist no wharf called Brenta, but there is Luca Brenta. He´s an convinced yachtsman an designer. He also made a designs for Wally and anytime he did his own boat together with his partner Michael Gillhofer. After years of collaboration, they decided to go their own way. At least everybody of them keep their spirit and they build their yachts very well. One of them is based in Austria and the other company is still in Italy, run by Luca Brenta´s daughter.

boot düsseldorf brenta b-yacht performance cruiser boot düsseldorf brenta b-yacht performance cruiser

boot düsseldorf brenta b-yacht performance cruiser boot düsseldorf brenta b-yacht performance cruiser

Both boats looks quite same. The cockpit layout, the deck or the interior; quite similar. I can´t see any differences. Indeed I suspect that they will have the same performance on the water. No matter what, I would like to be aboard on one of them. Both are my highlights at the BOOT Düsseldorf 2019. More pix of the fair on:


BOOT Düsseldorf / Domani Yachts

The DOMANI S30 Yacht is a mixture between an design icon and a sailing yacht. Made in Belgium is it made for the cool places on that planet blue where style is essential. Sounds like we have many joint possessions.


In the run-up to the fair BOOT DüDo I talk to many other sailors and they all said; the DOMANI could be HighLight, especially for HighTide. Therefore I was also excited to see it live at the fair. Unfortunately I didn´t make an appointment at the stand. I just went to the BOOT  and I get a very warm welcome at the stand by the sales and design guys of DOMANI including a very specific walkthrough.

The boat is a different daycruiser. Yeah, for sure it´s a performance cruiser in a cool size for coastal trip or cool lakes like lago die Garda or Lake Genova. For the Bavarian Lakes it´s a bit to big in my opinion.


Inspired by the legendary Riva Aquarama, the DOMANI S30 is shaped around a large central social area and a sun bed aft with easy access to the sea. This is perhaps the first impression you will get on that boat and the most impressive. There you can see that Lifestyle&Design combined with performance is the major idea of that sailing boat. A kind of a Grand Tourismo for the water; fast, fun and luxurious for gentle sailing.


At the end it´s the boat for those who enjoys to be on the water on a cool yacht without chatter. Less components, less maintenance. On the other hand you get aboard the chance for individualism. Everything on that boat could be made for you. Individualization ist the keyword, but at the end it´s stylish when you just order it. The inside looks like direct from the WALLPAPER Magazin. You see, there are many reasons for a DOMANI Performance Cruiser.


BOOT Düsseldorf / A Day for a Daysailer.

Sailing is the essence of all. It helps you very fast to find yourself, or it helps you to forget all around you. Yes, it´s a kind of a meditation. With a big ship it´s sometimes very complicated to go for a quick cruise in the evening or on a sunny Sunday. On the other hand the catamaran, or the Laser is much to wet and you don´t want to wear a neopren, or wetsuit all the time. If these thoughts are not unknown for you, I bet you are a fan of a daysailer.

These kind of boats are really booming and beside the well known MELGES, b/one, XTREME26, J/70 or the legendary DYAS and TRIAS and at least don´t forget the DRACHEN. Which is perhaps the definition of a daycruiser.

You see the concept is quite old, but still modern. It reduces sailing to the max. No electric, no hassle. When you have wind it will be cool, if there is no wind, it is your island of serenity with a beer or wind in your hands.

At the BOOT 2017 the topic shows us more the premium site of that kind of boats. We had a look at the TOFINOU which is since two years on my radar. But in that year I visited their display an I was excited. The materials and the design is a mixture of the elegance of the past combined with the step ahead. I like the carbon fibre elements, the colours and the wonderful lines of that boat.

IMG_8864 IMG_8865

IMG_8866 IMG_8718

The one which is the definition of asceticism ist the ESSE with their three models. Every type of them is awesome. Incredible colors,whereupon colour is the wrong term. It´s just a attractive mixture between grey and white combined with a teak that makes you insane. The lines of the boats are so simple that you ask yourself; why I haven´t done it. The normal thing when you see something such beautiful. Think about Giacometti or the 911.

IMG_8811 IMG_8810

IMG_8809 IMG_8807

Last not least the Black Pepper Code#. I saw it for the very first time at the BOOT. On the first view I walked by and than I stopped and thought, huh, that´s outstanding. A few minutes later of friend of mine told me the same and than we had a closer look. That daysailer is a benchmark. Unfortunately the price is also massive.

IMG_9596 IMG_8940

IMG_8941 IMG_8939

Get the PULSE.

Meine Segelerfahrungen sind ja sehr geprägt vom Katsegeln. Mir gefiel schon immer dieses Speedgefühl und die Einfachheit, die diese Spezies ausstrahlt. Wobei hier Einfachheit nicht zu verwechseln ist mit einfach im klassischen Sinne. Seglerisch ist ein Kat etwas anderes. Er ist viel sensibler und es braucht ein paar mehr Tricks, oder sagen wir Know-how. Mit Einfachheit meine ich mehr die Technik, die hinter den Booten steckt. Das Einhaken vom Groß am Topp, keine Klampen, oder die Rudermechanismen. Sagen wir so, Details am Kat sind oftmals cleverer gelöst und die Community die dahinter steht sind auch mehr Freibeuter wie Admiralität. Das ist schön, das macht es auch aus.

Auf der Hanseboot ist mir der Corsair Pulse 600 zum ersten mal in´s Auge gesprungen. Es war das erste Schiff welches ich auf der Messe gesehen habe und es war auch noch auf der diesjährigen BOOT faszinierend.

IMG_1561 IMG_3924

Der Tri ist für mich der Inbegriff eines Daycruisers. Eigentlich prädestiniert für Binnenseen mit leichten Winden. Für Bayrische Seen ideal. Zumal das Schiff auch eben bei leichten Winden sofort anspringt. Klar, es fehlt der Bleikiel, kaum Tiefgang und er hat einen Carbon Mittelrumpf. Damit bist Du auf der Siegeseite. Schade nur, dass die Carbonstruktur nicht sichtbar ist. Bei viel Wind bringt er Spaß und und gut Druck in´s Schiff. Actionreich, wenn der Leeschwimmer durch´s Wasser knallt. Da gibt es dann am Ammersee dieses Französische Gefühl; Loick Peyron gleich über die Ozeane zu fliegen. Single handed eben, BÄMM. Wobei der PULSE auch mit bis zu 4 Personen gesegelt werden kann. Bei seiner Länge von 6m schaut das Ding eben auch scharf aus. Erst recht, wenn man ihn mit den Variantas aus den 60ern vergleicht, die da sonst so rumschippern. Auch die Mädels werden es lieben, denn die Trampoline zwischen den Rümpfen sind die wohl bequemsten Liegewiesen die man sich vorstellen kann und bei Wind kann man auch mal den MUSTO Kram raus holen und Spaß haben, ohne gleich im Neopren im Trapez zu hängen. Dafür bin ich nämlich langsam zu alt.

IMG_3923 IMG_3922

Der ganze Tri ist im Handumdrehen trailerbar. Mir persönlich ist das nicht so wichtig, da ich lieber im Revier bleibe. Da aber hat das Schiff den Vorteil, dass es locker um die Boje schwojen kann und das bei eigentlich null tiefgang, das macht ihn auch zum Bojenkönig in seichtem Gewässer.

Targa IMG_3822

Bleibt zum Schluss noch der Preis zu erwähnen. 40.000 EUR, eher einen Deut mehr sollte man sich schon dafür bereitlegen. Dafür gibt´s dann aber eine echt heiße Optik, dabei möchte ich nur die drei negativen Steven erwähnen. Irre. Wobei am heißesten finde ich die Kiste, wenn man die Schlupfkajüte abnimmt und der Mast dann auf diesem Targa Bügel steht; das hat Style. Im Frühjahr beginnt das Testseglen, wir werden sehen, wie es sich dann anfühlt. Bericht folgt.

PULSE flying Pulse Trailer