Cosy Como

Years ago I heard about the myth of the Concorso d´eleganza nearby Como. In 2015 the stars were in the right place and we decided to go to that wonderful place Cernobbio in the north of Como where the two legendary villas are based. There ist one event which is closed to the public at Villa d´Este and the public event and the RM/Sotheby´s Auction which takes place at Villa Erba.

The event is really outstanding and a highlight for the classic car scene. It is amazing what you can see there. There are not juts unique cars. It´s the mixture of style, society and the lovely place where all takes place. For me it was a new definition of smart casual. Yes, you know that cliche from many marriages, but there you can see how does it really works.

IMG_7617 IMG_8415 IMG_9697 IMG_7626 IMG_8002 IMG_8018 IMG_9424 IMG_8993 IMG_7932 IMG_8009 IMG_7882IMG_7868  IMG_8126 IMG_9799 Po in Front IMG_8500 IMG_8432 IMG_8491 IMG_9836 IMG_9832 IMG_9767 IMG_8301 IMG_8484 IMG_7865 IMG_9473 IMG_8620 IMG_8607 IMG_8598 IMG_8616 IMG_8582 IMG_9828 IMG_9624 IMG_9721 IMG_9609 IMG_9512 IMG_9742 IMG_9815 IMG_7905 IMG_7886 IMG_8650 IMG_8460 IMG_8370 IMG_8348 IMG_8357 IMG_8361 IMG_8365 IMG_9618 IMG_9757 IMG_8024 IMG_8028 IMG_8455 IMG_7651 IMG_9390 IMG_8325  IMG_8344 IMG_8689 IMG_9492IMG_9801  IMG_9193IMG_8714