RITTE made it, the Comeback of Crossbikes.

Cycling is always a ride in time. For me it´s a great movement in style and performance. If you want to see what´s coming next you have to screen the bike messangers around the world. There you can see what´s next.

In 2015 I lost my fun in cycling after decades. The whole scene was mainstream and the improvement of the bikes were boring. It was just a discussion of the length of the bars, should it be a 27er or a 29er. That sounds not like a big move. Lots of my friends go back to race bikes and there was more style in between and after a deep look you can see that there were more and more crossbikes.

IMG_8211 IMG_4205

IMG_4200 IMG_8214

That was the moment for me in which I knew what I need. I talk to a colleague (THX to Urs at that Point) of mine who is an expert in bikes and after a few days, a lot links and discussions I saw the RITTE Crossberg and I felt in love. That was my magic moment and I get in contact with RITTE to find that bycicle frame in Germany. That wasn´t so easy. At least they gave me a adress nearby Munich in Rosenheim in a shop called RadSyndicat. The guys there have a good mindset and we build it up over a view weeks. The result is amazing. It´s really a signature bike. My first rides where impressive. The 1×11 was very new for me. Especially the twist of the chain is looks unusual. All in all my firts ride was an incredible experience. The bike is very agile and responds very fast. On the other hand it does not forgive any mistakes. It´s a little bit like catamaran sailing.

IMG_4174 IMG_4173

IMG_4183 IMG_4172

I´m lucky about the whole package. The Radsyndikat in Rosenheim made a good job. The only thing which I think about is the cockpit. Perhaps my handlebar stern is too short. I´m still thinkig about it. Above that the ankle of the SRAM Rival switchgear unit is quite high. The ankle of the Shimano 105 is lower. But there´s nothing we can do and planet earth is blue.

IMG_4222 IMG_4194

IMG_4187 IMG_4171

All in all it´s another milestone in my cycle heritage and I´m keen for it.