BOOT Düsseldorf / SWAN 60s, state-of-the-art yachtbuilding.

Nobody who has ever been on a SWAN is addicted by their magic and could not evade their fascination. I got that virus in 2012 on a transatlatic crossing on a SWAN 51 and since that time I know it is a significant difference if a yacht is certified for the ocean or build for the ocean. The SWAN for sure build for it. I got that statement by Sebastian, who is really one of the SWAN ambassadors on that planet blue.

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At the BOOT Exhibition we have a World Premiere. SWAN is celebrating its 50th Anniversary and this is one reason for them to be on that fair. That´s a good sign for all of us. The stand ist quite cool and fits the brand. The Materials are quite luxury and exudes a pleasant atmosphere. It quite light and is matching the mood of a yacht. Especiall in that case, where SWAN is presentating their SWAN 60S which is also a very light, stylish an modern. She´s state of the art.

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The first impression you will get aboard is the powder white deck. That looks amazing and cool. Above that it stays cool, especially in warm conditions. It is made out of Esthec, which is a material which is made out of composit material and fillers. The look is quite luxury and easy to maintain.

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The SWAN 60S was build as a owner version with some specials, like the deck, a bigger motor and generator. In total it is a perfect mixture between a racer and a cruiser. The cockpit is quite long, open and very clean. The place at the helm feels like home and easy to handle with all the buttons for steering. I would like to get a feeling for a boat with such a size with all the electric gears and devices.

All in all, it´s a hell of a yacht and build for the ocean.

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Where to stay?

Düsseldorf is a typical fair city and is famous for that. Therefore there are a lot of hotels. Unfortunately not stylish ones. The mass of hotels are typical business hotels. Within that kind of hotels the INNSIDE by MELIA is quite cool and pure. I like it and I´ve been a view times there and felt well. Here you can read my rating on tripadvisor.

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