BOOT Düsseldorf / NOMADREAM, the floating Home.

At the 2nd Day I had a strange way to get to the fair. Perhaps the last drink at the night before makes me wired. Nevertheless I entered the BOOT by a side entrance and I was standing before that floating home. I know, this is not the first kind of a boat you will think about on a sailing blog, but at least, I´m talking here about Lifestyle&Design. This NOMADREAM thing is of course something out of that world and at the end ist´s all about that special feeling you get on something floating.

totale      Design Sketches

I would like to live on a house like that. There are a few cities where I saw old houseboats, but not something like that. This here is good looking, has great ideas inside and above that it has an own drive. That´s amazing. In the first moment I thought you can just pull it by a tugboat.

IMG_4035  IMG_4051

IMG_4038  IMG_4050

The NOMADREAM is available in three sizes. Here you can see the small one, which is quite coole for the weekend. On the design sketches you can see that they thought about the usage of the roof. Unfortunately they don´t use it, cause there are the solar panels. That´s a pity cause my first idea was also the rooftop as a second area. That´s a perfect sundeck. I know that there are solarpanels available on which you can stand on. Perhaps that´s a solution. We will see.

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