A Man of Honour.

Most adventures in the last decades were done by French. The Rallye Paris-Dakar with Thierry Sabine as a founder for example or the first ascent of Annapurna or Makalu. But there is one field of activity which is much more dominated by French; sailing. There is no Ocean Race without a fearless sailor. From the OSTAR to the Vendee-Globe, the Route Du Rhum or the Mini Transt. All of them where driven by French and one of them is an outstanding character, Loick Peyron.

Yesterday we had the chance to meet him in the Casino at the Bayerischer Yacht Club in Starnberg. The BYC invited him as a Partner of BMW Yachtsport and the sailing community around Munich follows that exclusive invitation.

The audience was impressed by his stories. His sailing vita is really stunning. He startet with a Atlantic crossing with 19. Since that point he did all the offshore races you can imagine. Some of them with a crew and most of them solo. This year he will celebrate his 60th birthday.

Loick Peyron BYC BMW Yachtsport Loick Peyron BYC BMW Yachtsport

Of course the most German question came from the public; why you are never wearing a life-belt? Loick didn´t get the point, but the he explained how it is to work on such a boat and ended with a save answer: yeah, at the end, it´s save, wear a life-belt. Everything´s said.

Another question was, how he handles the loneliness at sea. His answer an gesture was as same cool as before. There is no loneliness. If there is no wind you have to plan and sleep. If there is wind you have to push the limit and if there´s too much wind, you have to fight. You see, it´s not getting boring.

Loick Peyron BYC BMW Yachtsport Loick Peyron BMW Yachtsport BYC

Above that he´s not just one of the best sailors ever, and a personal hero of mine, we also have the same respect of the pirates of the carribean. That´s funny cause I´m just interested in that pirates attitude. In a world of monarchy and a powerful church a pirates ship was kind of a democracy. I was looking at my pix when Loick startet his feelings about pirates and I thought, whoowhooo there´s another one who thinks like me. He added the fact, that these ships were a crew of people who were not there voluntarily. It was a good running crew and a captain with credibility and respect. Perhaps the first democracy in the modern age. At least the evening was much too short for all his stories and experiences.

The BYC and BMW Yachtsport were great hosts at that evening. Thanks for that and always fair winds.

Loick Peyron Alex Beck BMW Yachtsport BYC Wimpel BYC Starnberg BMW Yachtsport


BMW will participate a challenging Project.

BMW Yachtsport: #TeamMalizia will take the chance to get the victory in the Vendée Globe 2020. BMW is partnering the Campaign of the Yacht Club of Monaco (YCM). Within that partnership Boris Herrmann from Hamburg/GER will be at the helm of the IMOCA OPEN 60 at that single handed sailing race around the globe.

IMOCA Fighting the Elements BMW i8 Boris Herrmann

Boris is very experienced in extreme sailing, a strong character and very personable. These are good skills to get such a racer around the globe, which don´t any mistakes.

#TeamMalizia is sailing to success under the flag of the Yacht Club of Monaco, which was founded by Pierre Casiraghi. The youngest son of Princess Caroline von Monaco. Both guys are sailing a lot together to get a feeling for the „RoadToVendee. That´s a long way, there´s a lot to do. Not just races, there ist also a record attempt next week. They will get the best time from Marseille (FRA) to Cartagena (ESP).

IMOCA OPEN 60 IMOCA Elements Cockpit

BMW announced their partnership that days in Munich. They will start with support in technology and want to be a reliable partner,  also in stormy times. Sounds great. For BMW as a mobility provider and car manufacturer is that a real challenge and a source of new initiatives. BMW ist active in sailing since 2002. In the noughties they invented the very successful BMW Sailing Cup, which was a very professional amateur sailing race serie. 2010 was a highlight in their sailing history. Together with ORACLE they won the America´s Cup with a stunning Trimaran. That was really a great show. Seven Years later in 2017 they lost against the unbeatable Team of New Zealand. We will see if BMW will participate at the upcoming America´s Cup Challenge in 2021. Right now we have no statement of BMW regarding a attendance.


Above that we know that HUGO BOSS also takes part at the Vendée Globe in 2021 with their skipper Alex Thomson. It remains to be seen, if Mercedes will support Alex Thomson Racing. If they do, we have an automotive battle on the oceans. stay tuned.

Bavarian Partnering on international Playground.

Zukünftig zieht ein BMW X5 das Bundesliga Team des BYC zu den Regatten. Pünktlich zur Saison präsentierte BMW und der BYC deren Zusammenarbeit im Clubhaus in Starnberg.
BMW X5 OptiFleet BYC BMW X5 OptiFleet BYC

Das ist eine starke Geschichte und eine gute Kombi. Beide erhoffen sich natürlich Synergien. Macht durchaus Sinn. Die BMW Dichte im BYC ist sicherlich hoch, das Publikum gibt es her. Andererseits ist der BYC als topp Segelclub natürlich auch für BMW hilfreich; sei´s als Türöffner für zukünftiges Segelengagement und natürlich auch um BMW als reliable Partner im Segelsport zu pushen.

BYC Steiner Hochapfel BYC Clubraum

Wie wichtig diese Kooperation für beide Parteien ist, sah man am Abend selbst. Der Clubraum war packed und seitens BMW waren vom Koop.Team über die Niederlassung München bis hin zum Finanzvorstand der BMW AG alle vor Ort. Letzterer nahm sich sogar die Zeit, obwohl am gleichen Tag die Bilanzpressekonferenz der BMW Group stattgefunden hat. Das ist schon ein starkes Zeichen.

BMW Vorstand BYC BYC Clubraum

Bin gespannt, was seitens BMW noch alles kommen wird? Derzeit sind wir natürlich alle gespannt, wie es mit einem BMW Engagement beim America´s Cup weitergehen wird. Was ist Eure Vermutung? Hierzu werde ich die Tage noch eine Umfrage auf Insta starten, Eure Meinung interessiert mich sehr.

BYC Clubstander BYC Hydrometer

Spannend sind natürlich auch alle anderen Engagements von BMW, die am Abend präsentiert wurden.  Da tut sich wirklich einiges. Klassisch natürlich das Partnering bei Voiles di St. Tropez, den Mittelmeerregatten wie Palmavela oder Copa del Rey.  Bissl outstanding und neu ist das Foilerthema. Das kann zum starken Thema werden. Segeln ist eben in der Masse eher uninteressant, in der Szene aber ein Ding, gerade für BMW als Zielgruppe. Die Jugend geht oft verloren. Mit den 49ern oder Nacra17 a bissl spannend, in der Segel Bundesliga mit der J/70 ein Thema, auch hinsichtlich Teamgeist. Foiling aber kickt, auch eben einen 16jährigen. Dort anzusetzen ist sinnvoll. Daher engangiert sich BMW hier, um das Thema zu pushen. Zumal auch an diesem Abend am Publikum deutlich sichtbar war, dass Jugendarbeit notwendig ist. Alleine schick im BYC zu sitzen reicht nicht aus, um Segeln als Sport zu erhalten. Vielleicht ist das auch der Vorteil für den BYC sich hierüber auch zu verjüngern #GettingYouthfull