BOOT Düsseldorf / GARCIA Yachts

GARCIA-Yachts, nobody really needs that. Quite the opposite is the truth. Everybody should have a exploration yacht. If you have a feeling for adventures, a Land Rover or a UNIMOG, than the Garcia is your thing. For me it wasn´t a must-see at the boat show, but now I have to say you have to see it. It can change your ambitions in sailing. Perhaps you see yourself in the arctic after you have seen the boat.

Garcia BOOT Düsseldorf 2019 Garcia BOOT Düsseldorf 2019

My sailing area has to be warm an it should be done without shoes, but with a drink in your hand. Nevertheless I was standing beside that huge yacht, made out of aluminum (Have a look at the video from my „Bow-Dive“ and the „Deckwalk„) and I was impressed. The yacht has a brutal design, almost martial. When I was aboard my senses gave me the feeling of beeing save. Everything on that yacht tells you, that it is not certified for the ocean, it is build for the ocean. The dimensions of the winch, or the layout of the cockpit; everything is driven by perfection. It´s not a beauty in a romantic way. It is a beauty in the sense of a MB Trac. After that first impression your mind clicks, and you think about the arctic. You get the feeling of beeing autarkic. Planet Blue invites you for exploring. Your great adventure will begin. The high latitudes are calling.

Garcia BOOT Düsseldorf 2019 Garcia BOOT Düsseldorf 2019

In the inside you will see big heating systems. Real radiators, never seen on a boat. The saloon ist built up very high to see the enviroment better than on a normal layout. Normal is nothing on a Garcia. As expected there is a basic design of the interior, but you can customize it for your life. Everything is possible from a workshop cabin to a pilot-bed in your office cabin. Everything you need could be realized. Really stunning.

Garcia BOOT Düsseldorf 2019 Garcia BOOT Düsseldorf 2019

The coach roof is build in composite and it looks rough as on a IMOCA Racer. At the end, I´m really excited by that yacht and I´m far far away from a expedition.


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