My personal hero, the EUPHORIA 54.

At the 2nd Day of my BOOT Visit I went to OYSTER and it was as exciting as in 2014. The difference in 2015 was, that I had good view on that elegant boat beside the OYSTER, on the stand beside. SIRENA MARINE was there heartbeat drops. Their new EUPHORIA 54 is such a brilliant boat that´s amazing. I like the colour of the hall, the black mast and that amazing look and feel of the teakdeck. Above that the interieur design has so many good ideas. Cool seatings in the cabins. Above that the mood below deck is very light and also cosy. You will be there. It´s a good feeling in the boat. All in all it´s very, very classic but not usual and as seen before. It has all a modern yacht needs with good ideas and a team full of sympathy. We had great fun and there were good vibes. The nomination for the yacht of year is more than reasonable. They get my voting. Perfect.

IMG_6938 IMG_6950 IMG_6951 IMG_6957 IMG_6970 IMG_6976 IMG_6982 IMG_6955 IMG_6956 IMG_6989 IMG_6993 IMG_6963

Here you can find a video of that outstanding boat:


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