Boot Düsseldorf / Your Disco needs you.

The Land Rover Discovery is back. On the „BOOT“ 2017 Land Rover had their Lounge at SUNSEEKER as every year. For me as a sailor, motor yachts are not the HighLight, but I have to say, these are really amazing. The whole appearance of the booth is amazing. Great architecture, perfect set-up of the boat up to the dress of the stuff. They did a great job. Perfect conditions for Land Rover and Jaguar in that environment.

IMG_9405 IMG_8583

IMG_8603 IMG_9429

In 2017 the Disco looks much more pleasing. It´s not anymore the angular Range Rover and the gentle Defender. Is that a pity? I don´t know, it is what it is, the brand new Discovery. In our regulated world everything gets more pleasing and mainstream. It is difficult to build a rough defender as in 1975, or a Mini at the end of the 60ies. There are so many regulations, safety aspects and sales needs that the character gets lost. Within that environment the Land Rover Discovers gets quite cool. The front is nice and the rear of the SUV looks a bit like an Asia car. In total it´s quite big. A wonder why, you can place 7 seats inside. That’s a bit. In the past the differentiation was stronger. If you look at the profile of the care and compare it with the Range Rover series, you will see, the rear lights and the design lines are quite similar. That makes it difficult to understand the four lines.

IMG_8596 IMG_9439 IMG_8664 IMG_8598

Above all you have the luxury Range Rover with two models. The second one is the classic mixture between luxury and the hard life; the Discoveries. The third line is more a tool than a car and we love it, the Defender. Last not least the revolutionary and outstanding Evoque with it´s different models.

IMG_9419 IMG_9418 IMG_9417 IMG_9411

IMG_8595 IMG_8591

At the end it´s a Land Rover and therefore it´s a story. What I need is a Plug-in Hybrid. Till now they I couldn’t get a info from Land Rover when the PHEV is coming. Hopefully soon. It´s a kind of social prestige.

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