BOOT Düsseldorf / SAFFIER 37

The brand new SAFFIER 37 was one of the major high-lights at the BOOT Düsseldorf in 2018. Is is a performance yacht with the price of a classic yacht. That means the SAFFIER is at least a very exclusive daycrusier with a attitude in the world of luxury. You can feel that till the first step aboard. Everything feels significant and stylish.

SAFFIER 37 Helm SAFFIER 37 Gelly

What you see is what you get, told me the sales lady which welcomes me aboard the yacht. At the first you you will see a black and elegant daycruiser with a lot of clever design solutions. The major difference are the two helms in the middle of the boat. That´s something new. The advantage is the big aft deck for guests, hopefully ladies. Especially for the comfort and the good mood of the ladies, the designer placed also a fridge and grill aboard on deck. That makes it most notably.

SAFFIER 37 Grill SAFFIER 37 Fridge


Above that the designer also had a good eye for souvereign proportions. The whole sailing yacht is about the right proportions. I like the wide hatchway with it´s cool closing system. There is also a own place for the plug bulkhead. That´s a new feeling to get down and it is so huge and your feet can feel the fine wood beneath. When you sit in the cabin of the Daysailor, you are excited by the stunning colours. It is not just the wide hatchway, also the door to the bath is wide and made out of appealing wooden material. All in all the SAFFIER 37 gets the adding Lounge in the name and that´s really concept.

SAFFIER 37 Hatchway SAFFIER 37 Hatchway


More than the extraordinary position of the helm I like the option that you can order the boat without the sprayhood. That´s essential for me, cause I want to see the clear lines. The sprayhood looks so offshore and old-school on such a Daysailor.

SAFFIER 37 Cabin SAFFIER 37 Cabin

Unfortunately I could not see how fast the yacht is on the water. I just know of view sailing buddies who enjoyed the ride and they said; yeah she´s really running.


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