Feel the Heat on a Extreme 40 Catamaran.

Back in the 90ies I have been at Lake Garda with my parents to have a look at F40 Catamaran Race. That was very exciting for me as 12 year old LASER Sailor. Over the years I have been on many Boats including the G32 Foilers and now there was a chance to get on one of the Extreme40. It´s one of the last before the Extreme Sailing Series get´s their foilers.


At the end it is cool, cause it has more the catamaran feeling. The foilers are foilers. That´s quite an own species. The Extreme40 incarnate the pure catamaran feeling. Yeah, it´s like a DART 18 in big size. The speed-up and rising of the hull; pure cat feeling. Just bigger and faster.

The Crew was quite cool. We had Massimo the skipper, his maintrimmer and the bowman. Each of the are real pros. They know what they do and they have fun with it.


You can choose if you will just sit there and enjoy this wonderful cruise or you can also be part of the crew. You can be a helping hand. That was exactly my intension and it was great. In the beginning I have been critical about it. Cause it was noch cheap and I was afraid that it is just a tourist cruise. We know that from other countries. The skippers are sometimes not motivated and lazy. Here at SAILING DU LAC / SEGNANA it is totally different. They are highly motivated.

In the morning I was highly critical, cause we had no wind (vento). I asked the management and the said no worries, it will come and they were right. All in all it was a perfect ride.

Where to stay:

In Torbole the hotels are mostly quite easy, clean and fine. At that time we booked the Hotel Villa Alberta and it was quite a new experience at Lake Garda. The rooms are fine, the lago standard. A bit too small, but OK. You are not in the room anyway. The oustanding part of that hotel is the service in total. All of the stuff members are very helpful. Above that the hotel has many additional services. There is for example a very serious look for the bike garage. Not everybody can go there. That´s a service which is very important. Another point which was quite cool; the yoga session in the morning at the lake. That was a premier for me in over 25 years at the lago. Why didn´t we do that before? The breakfast is served in a kind of veranda. That´s amazing to say hello to the day. Especially cause there are turtles at a pond where you can look at. Here you will find my rating on TripAdvisor.

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