Borne Béton – Ein Poller gibt Licht.

Maritimes Design begegnet uns of im Fashion Bereich, eher selten im Bereich Architektur und Design. Daher sticht dieses Leuchtobjekt besonders in´s Auge, das mich als Segler an einen Poller erinnert. Pur, nüchtern und aus Beton. Bahnbrechend in seiner Zeit der Entstehung.

Gerade im Kontext der Brutal Architektur der 60er und 70er Jahre waren die die Franzosen schwer damit beschäftigt krasse Architektur- und Wohnlandschaften zu formen. Ich denke hierbei nicht nur an das urbane Umfeld, sondern auch an Freizeitorten wie La Plagne oder Port Carmague. Angefangen hat Le Corbusier schon Ende der 40er mit neuen Wohnkonzepten wie dem Unité d´habitation in Marseille zum Beispiel, der Mutter aller Plattenbauten, oder eben Brutal Architektur wie es heute genannt wird. Für diesen Wohnkomplex gestaltete er eine Lampe für den Außenbereich, der den Charakterzug eines Pollers hat und in Kombi mit dem Sichtbeton Look natürlich auch gerade heute wieder fasziniert.


Gesehen habe ich die Lampe im Oktober diesen Jahres auf einem Designabend der Firma NEMO in München. Die Firma entwickelt eigene Lampen und Leuchten. Parallel dazu widmet sie sich aber auch der Neuauflage von Designklassikern. Die BORNE BÉTON ist eine aus der Serie dieser Master-Kollektion, die an diesem Abend in den Räumlichkeiten der Agentur Markenkultur gezeigt wurden.



BOOT Düsseldorf / MORE55 is the eyechatcher of the fair.

I was in between two appointments when I crossed the booth of MORE Boats. I don´t know anymore if I first saw the yacht or the corresponding hostess of the display. Both were exciting.

IMG_0217 IMG_0216

First of all the hosts were the most stylish on the fair and that should be an extra post. Back to the boat. The colour in light blue looks different to the rest of the yachts in that price range. On the first view you can see that it is a performance cruiser. Sporty lines, a low greenhouse and the tables in the cockpit are easily to restore complete. That´s a bid. Above that the deck is quite clean and promises racing. You see a lot of skylights which makes the cabin very light. The sheets are running under deck; looks great, but I´m afraid of it. Just in case something happens. At that point it is difficult to replace them.

IMG_8911 IMG_8905

With about 16m length and 5m wide you have also enough space in the cabin. The interior was too dark for me. There are other boats on the fair which are more modern in the cabin. But they told me that you can get a lot of different kind of wood and colours. We have to see. The Details are not clever and the colour matching is not really conservative maritim, but also not modern. That´s a pity compared with the exterior. Whereupon especially for the fair they made a plexiglas floor where you can see the stainless-steel frame of the boat. That´s a highlight. Also the different door handles, they look strange but they feeling good in your hands.

IMG_8904 IMG_8910

Another cool thing is the dinghy garage. Cause of the wide stern you can store the dinghy crossways. That´s cool but difficult to get in I think. In the version on the BOOT the yacht also had a skipper´s berth in the bow which is quite small, but everything is there. Fair enough.

IMG_8908 IMG_8906

The MORE55 is build in Croatia. Therefore you will find a big fleet there and above that MORE is also offering a charter fleet there. I know I will BOOK it. I´m really taken with the MORE55. It is a true performance cruiser. You feel the passion of the team. Their idea was to build a fast cruiser and they had a few meetings with different wharfs and no of them could realise their idea. Therefore they build it by their own. Good story!

BOOT Düsseldorf 2017 / CNB, that´s performance cruising.

CNB was on my radar for the last years, but I hadn’t the chance to look at them. The days at the BOOT were always to busy. In 2017 it was my goal to look at them. That viewing changed my life.

IMG_8829 IMG_8717

I get on the booth for my appointment with Vincent. Unfortunately he was not available at that time and the CNB team was very sorry that he wasn’t available. They were very committed and asked me if it is OK when another colleague will show me the yacht. For sure it was fine for me and I met Cedric Beaumont, he´s not just a expert of CNB, he is always the skipper of the wharf. He´s a real genius in sailing. He startet his Ocean Career four years ago. He was at a point where he asked himself what to do? He had a save life, but he decided to do something with passion. Chapeau. He did, what all of us wanted to do. Right now he´s the skipper for CNB and for the owners of CNB yachts who needs his support on the oceans around the world. From my point of view CNB get´s the right man for that job. He has the skills and the passion you need for that job.  Perfect conditions to get the boat explained by him. With his expertise, I get the info I need.

IMG_8727 IMG_8741

The CNB 76 is quite pure, the first impression is the flush-deck. There is nothing where your eyes get stopped. It´s all in the flow and a pleasure if you like it pure and simple. The lines are straight and elegant. It´s a unique styling of the yacht. One USP is the decksaloon. If you are insight you have a 360° view. That´s really awesome. Especially when you see the mega winches in Front. At the back you see the two outboard helms, which are at the right place. The finish of them is one of the best I´ve ever seen. A mixture between carbon-fibre and wood. Really awesome craftmanship. Back in the insight; the design is outstanding. There is no yacht which has a interior like that. It´s quite light and open. Above that you see a lot of good ideas. Most of them I like the sofa on starboard. You can combine it as one sofa, or you have two club chairs beside a sexy storage for your drinks. You have to see that awesome. The only thing which doesn’t match my style are the Philipp Starck lamp FLOS Miss K ALU. That´s a relict out of the 90ies.

IMG_8734 IMG_8732 IMG_8735 IMG_8739

CNB itself stands for Construction Navale Bordeaux and is part of the Beneteau Group. That makes them convenient to produce, in which convenient is relative. We are talking about luxury yachts. We don´t talk about the price. It´s enough. But much more importantly in this group construction is the way CNB can produce for that price. You will get a modular build scheme which make your yacht semi custom. Another benefit of that modular system is the time to build. You will get your dream within six month.

IMG_8728 IMG_8733

When you are aboard it takes no minute that you realise for what the boat is build. Yeah you can do races with it. Yeah you can do a show-off in St. Tropez. The real sense of the yacht is performance cruising and you can feel it. It´s not a yacht for posers. It´s a beautiful boat for connossieurs.

IMG_8750 IMG_8748

You can also see that in the daily needs aboard. There is for example a powerful pump in the storage for a fast inflating of the stand-up boards.

IMG_8737 IMG_8736

At the end I´m addicted to that yacht. I cannot understand why I haven´t been there before. For now on CNB is always on my radar. I´ve checked the charter possibilities today on MerexYachts. I have to be on one, sooner or later and than I will give you the cruising report.

Made out of wood, a rebirth.

At the last boat shows in Düsseldorf and Hamburg we saw one boat which was outstanding. The LA28 is a daycruiser with a very brave design combined with traditional craftmanship.

The LA28 is build by LA Yacht- und Bootsbau GmbH in Mürtiz / Germany. The concept of the boat is quite easy. It is a fast modern boat which is at home when it comes to racing or just by yourself as a performance daycruiser. It is also possible to be aboard a few days, cause it´s also possible to have a plumping unit aboard.

IMG_1606 LA25 Bug

It´s a real coffeeracer, built for performance in a easy way. I like that. Unfortunately it´s more build for the coast an fro real lakes. It could be difficult on Bavarian lakes, cause of the draft. The keel needs 1,75 and it could be lift up for the trailer. Above that there is a inboard eMotor and Diesel available which shows you that the boat is more serious than other daycruisers in that size. The boat is made for 4 sailors, but at the end it´s ideal for 2 or 3 of them. But at the end 4 sailors could sleep inside and they also have a lavatory. The latter is just possible if you order the longer cabin structure.

IMG_1607 IMG_1605

At the end its´a perfect weekend racer with an outstanding design and a very luxury mood. It´s something for the connossieur. I would like to have one, cause it´s really the cool combination of Racing and Cruising. I would just be afraid of the care, cause I just see wood. That´s always a little more work. Nevertheless if you can afford that boat for about 115.000 EUR, you can also assign a wharf which can help you in winter with the boat care.


BOOT Düsseldorf / Marine Composite with a gaff sail.

There was one thing at the BOOT which was really amazing. I just walk through the exhibition hall and I saw that stunning hull in light blue. Cool lining and a wonderful wooden deck.

IMG_3898 IMG_3899

When I looked ahead of the rig I was astonished. I expected a cool Fat Head and spectacular spreaders, but I saw something different. There was a gaff rig. I´ve never seen such an old school rig in such a modern mode. Awesome. The sales man of Marine Composite told me about the advantages of that rig, which I couldn´t share. The main reason for the rig is that you get more power at the top with a lower rig; if I understand that right. Above that it´s something different, why not. Above that I saw about 3 manufacturers who had a gaff yacht in their programme.

IMG_3902 IMG_3901