Made out of wood, a rebirth.

At the last boat shows in Düsseldorf and Hamburg we saw one boat which was outstanding. The LA28 is a daycruiser with a very brave design combined with traditional craftmanship.

The LA28 is build by LA Yacht- und Bootsbau GmbH in Mürtiz / Germany. The concept of the boat is quite easy. It is a fast modern boat which is at home when it comes to racing or just by yourself as a performance daycruiser. It is also possible to be aboard a few days, cause it´s also possible to have a plumping unit aboard.

IMG_1606 LA25 Bug

It´s a real coffeeracer, built for performance in a easy way. I like that. Unfortunately it´s more build for the coast an fro real lakes. It could be difficult on Bavarian lakes, cause of the draft. The keel needs 1,75 and it could be lift up for the trailer. Above that there is a inboard eMotor and Diesel available which shows you that the boat is more serious than other daycruisers in that size. The boat is made for 4 sailors, but at the end it´s ideal for 2 or 3 of them. But at the end 4 sailors could sleep inside and they also have a lavatory. The latter is just possible if you order the longer cabin structure.

IMG_1607 IMG_1605

At the end its´a perfect weekend racer with an outstanding design and a very luxury mood. It´s something for the connossieur. I would like to have one, cause it´s really the cool combination of Racing and Cruising. I would just be afraid of the care, cause I just see wood. That´s always a little more work. Nevertheless if you can afford that boat for about 115.000 EUR, you can also assign a wharf which can help you in winter with the boat care.