BOOT Düsseldorf / Nautors Swan 54 + Mock-up

When you think about a yard in Finnland than every sailor thinks about Nautors Swan. A name with magic, history and always a step ahead. Since decades they produce super yachts, high-end cruising yachts and carbon performance sailing boats. Last year the launched the CLUB SWAN 50 at the BOOT Düsseldorf and it gets the title yacht of the year in 2018. This year we get another high-light; SWAN presented the SWAN 54. A real blue water cruiser for gentle sailing. With its 54ft it has a ideal and moderate size. It´s better in the water than the 45ft boats and not too big. Perfect handling, perfect size. It can be sailied by a couple or a family. Of course I´m biased, cause I had two milestones of my Life on a SWAN 51.Which was quite the same size.

SWAN 54 SWAN 54 Winch

Back to the boat. We have a classic design with a modern look and a carbon rigging. Yes that´s right and yes it´s not a bargain. No worries we don´t get lost in details right now. A SWAN is more than that.

Nevertheless there are a few specs of this stunning yacht we would like to mark. The carbon shrouds, the carbon mast and the fast 3D sails from North Sail and at least the big cockpit is awesome.

The interior is a harmonious mix of modern and traditional. I like the light wood and the pure interior. The only thing which I don´t understand and what I just see in contemporary Swans are the chairs in the saloon. If you are sailing you have to pack it anywhere and for having dinner they are always a handicap. I don´t get them.

SWAN 54 Masters Bedroom SWAN 54 Saloon

SWAN 54 Pantry SWAN 54 Aft Cabin

I would like to sit here with the family or also with a few girls. Yes you can also use that yacht as a players mansion. It´s not just nice and cool, no it´s also very sexy and made for that.

The booth of SWAN was placed at the same place like 2017. The Layout was a little bit different. Instead of two yachts they had the SWAN 54 and a Mock-up of a SWAN 65.

Nautors Swan Mock-up Nautors Swan Mock-up

Nautors Swan Mock-up Nautors Swan Mock-up

I´ve never seen something like that on a fair, not to mention anywhere else. That´s really amazing to see how the designer will work on the boat. It ist a 1:1 interior scale mock-up of the new Swan 65 at the BOOT Düsseldorf boat show.

Nautors Swan Mock-up Nautors Swan Mock-up

After the walkthrough I understand the philosophy of Swan much better. It´s so cool to see the different materials and ideas which are possible. The owner can decide together with designer, which is the best layout for his semi-custom-build yacht.

Yacht of the Year BMW 7series Nautors Swan

That´s awesome to see how a yacht like that will build and designed. Above that the stand is very welcoming as always. You can feel the luxurious mind of Swan, combined with performance. Everything is real in spite of luxury, but not posh and bling bling. That´s the thin red line which this yard from Finnland makes it so relevant and gives humility to all the sailors on the oceans of that planet.

BOOT Düsseldorf / The Mystery of Anchoring.

The Ultra Marine Anchor, named ULTRanchor with its revolutionary technology was really new to me. The ULTRAanchor looks quite different to others and it acts different. Manoeuvring is always a special thing and everybody of us had sleeples nights while laying at anchor. The Ultra Marine could be a solution. In my whole sailing life I´ve never thought about the anchor itself; more about the process of anchoring.

Ultra Marine Anchor Ultra Marine Anchor

By chance I saw the booth of ULTRA MARINE at the fair and I was surprised. Giovanni Canu from ULTRA MARINE explained me the new idea of the anchor. They had a interactive display on which you can test the impact of different anchors. That was impressive and very funny. The anchor is really better than the others. That´s amazing. Have you ever thought about your anchor? Not me.

What´s the mystery with it. The anchor has a special balance. It´s always in the right position. Also when the wind is changing,  the Ultra Marine turns into the right position. Above the balance, we have one other differentiator; the wings at the bottom of the anchor. This side wing plates actually help the anchor bury itself deeper when pulled laterally due to a changing wind or tide. They also act to stabilize the anchor horizontally as it penetrates the seabed. There are a view more details which are really awesome. At the end all that creative ideas let the anchor digging deeper. You really can see and feel it when you test ist at the display. That´s really awesome and unbelievable.

Ultra Marine Anchor Ultra Marine Anchor

In the meantime the have more than 12.000 clients and after I saw that anchor I also recognized it on super yachts like SOLARIS, but that´s another story. Unfortunately I haven´t look at the anchor at any time on a yacht or sailing boat. That Boat Fair in Düsseldorf changed my mindset. In the futur I will have a look at it, for sure.

BOOT Düsseldorf / SAFFIER 37

The brand new SAFFIER 37 was one of the major high-lights at the BOOT Düsseldorf in 2018. Is is a performance yacht with the price of a classic yacht. That means the SAFFIER is at least a very exclusive daycrusier with a attitude in the world of luxury. You can feel that till the first step aboard. Everything feels significant and stylish.

SAFFIER 37 Helm SAFFIER 37 Gelly

What you see is what you get, told me the sales lady which welcomes me aboard the yacht. At the first you you will see a black and elegant daycruiser with a lot of clever design solutions. The major difference are the two helms in the middle of the boat. That´s something new. The advantage is the big aft deck for guests, hopefully ladies. Especially for the comfort and the good mood of the ladies, the designer placed also a fridge and grill aboard on deck. That makes it most notably.

SAFFIER 37 Grill SAFFIER 37 Fridge


Above that the designer also had a good eye for souvereign proportions. The whole sailing yacht is about the right proportions. I like the wide hatchway with it´s cool closing system. There is also a own place for the plug bulkhead. That´s a new feeling to get down and it is so huge and your feet can feel the fine wood beneath. When you sit in the cabin of the Daysailor, you are excited by the stunning colours. It is not just the wide hatchway, also the door to the bath is wide and made out of appealing wooden material. All in all the SAFFIER 37 gets the adding Lounge in the name and that´s really concept.

SAFFIER 37 Hatchway SAFFIER 37 Hatchway


More than the extraordinary position of the helm I like the option that you can order the boat without the sprayhood. That´s essential for me, cause I want to see the clear lines. The sprayhood looks so offshore and old-school on such a Daysailor.

SAFFIER 37 Cabin SAFFIER 37 Cabin

Unfortunately I could not see how fast the yacht is on the water. I just know of view sailing buddies who enjoyed the ride and they said; yeah she´s really running.


BOOT Düsseldorf / Domani Yachts

The DOMANI S30 Yacht is a mixture between an design icon and a sailing yacht. Made in Belgium is it made for the cool places on that planet blue where style is essential. Sounds like we have many joint possessions.


In the run-up to the fair BOOT DüDo I talk to many other sailors and they all said; the DOMANI could be HighLight, especially for HighTide. Therefore I was also excited to see it live at the fair. Unfortunately I didn´t make an appointment at the stand. I just went to the BOOT  and I get a very warm welcome at the stand by the sales and design guys of DOMANI including a very specific walkthrough.

The boat is a different daycruiser. Yeah, for sure it´s a performance cruiser in a cool size for coastal trip or cool lakes like lago die Garda or Lake Genova. For the Bavarian Lakes it´s a bit to big in my opinion.


Inspired by the legendary Riva Aquarama, the DOMANI S30 is shaped around a large central social area and a sun bed aft with easy access to the sea. This is perhaps the first impression you will get on that boat and the most impressive. There you can see that Lifestyle&Design combined with performance is the major idea of that sailing boat. A kind of a Grand Tourismo for the water; fast, fun and luxurious for gentle sailing.


At the end it´s the boat for those who enjoys to be on the water on a cool yacht without chatter. Less components, less maintenance. On the other hand you get aboard the chance for individualism. Everything on that boat could be made for you. Individualization ist the keyword, but at the end it´s stylish when you just order it. The inside looks like direct from the WALLPAPER Magazin. You see, there are many reasons for a DOMANI Performance Cruiser.



Weltpremiere der neuen BAVARIA C45. Eine klassische Yacht mit eleganten Linien und sinnvollen Ideen. Gemacht um das neue Image der Schiffe aus Unterfranken zu stärken und den Marktanteil zu erhöhen. Das kann durchaus klappen. Verschrien als Chartereimer waren sie nicht immer erste Wahl am Markt. Schade eigentlich, denn sie können ja schon was. Auf einigen Törns auf Bavarias hatte ich nie ein Problem mit dem Schiff. Wobei, stimmt nicht ganz. Mit dem Nautitech OPEN 40 auf Cuba war es ein Drama. Das ist aber eine andere Geschichte. Trotz allem denke ich, dass die Werft auf einem guten Weg ist. Sie arbeiten hart am Markenaufbau. Einen Image aufbauen dauert lange und parallel muss die Qualität der Yacht aber auch mithalten. Das machen die Bayern aber gut. Der Deal mit BMW Design Works war ein guter Schritt und die kontinuierliche Entwicklung der Schiffe ist schon deutlich. Den maßgebenden Look in dieser Klasse bestimmten die Schiffe von HANSE YACHTS. Sie begannen mit den klaren Linien und den Liegeflächen an Deck. Da zieht Bavaria Yachts nun schon gut mit. Die neue Linie ist top und das neue Alleinstellungsmerkmal, nun zukünftig Bedienpanels, Licht oder Pumpen via SmartGadget called iBOOT zu steuern ist der absolut richtige Schritt. WOW. Diese Steuerung wurde nun als erstes auf dem 65ft Flaggschiff realisiert und soll zukünftig in der gesamten BAVARIA Flotte realisiert werden.



Die Bavaria C45 steht auf der BOOT in Halle 16 auf einer eigenen Fläche. Beim betreten der Yacht fällt einem sofort der Grill am Heck in´s Auge, finde ich super; Aussi Style. Passend dazu natürlich auch noch ein kleiner Kühlschrank. Beides Dinger, die mir auf der Messe nicht nur hier aufgefallen sind. Die Yacht selbst gibt es in drei Linien zum ordern. Eine Basisvariante, da haben wir dann wieder den Charteranspruch, dann die Teaknummer. Die würde mir gefallen und last not least; eine ambitionierte Variante. Ja macht alles Sinn, die Namen der Linien verdeutlichen dies auch: HOLIDAY, STYLE und AMBITION.



Das Cockpit ist durchdacht, es gibt eine Doppelsteueranlage und hinten eine Badeplattform. Mei, current Style eben, der aber gut. Im Interior ist es modern und trotz Mahagoni wirkt es sehr hell und modern und gar nicht so schiffig. Gerne hätte ich die Ausstattung in Eiche noch gesehen.

All in all, ein solides Ding, dass sich sicher auch solide durch´s Wasser bewegt. Auf jeden Fall eine Bavaria, die ich mir im Charter auch wieder mieten würde.


Borne Béton – Ein Poller gibt Licht.

Maritimes Design begegnet uns of im Fashion Bereich, eher selten im Bereich Architektur und Design. Daher sticht dieses Leuchtobjekt besonders in´s Auge, das mich als Segler an einen Poller erinnert. Pur, nüchtern und aus Beton. Bahnbrechend in seiner Zeit der Entstehung.

Gerade im Kontext der Brutal Architektur der 60er und 70er Jahre waren die die Franzosen schwer damit beschäftigt krasse Architektur- und Wohnlandschaften zu formen. Ich denke hierbei nicht nur an das urbane Umfeld, sondern auch an Freizeitorten wie La Plagne oder Port Carmague. Angefangen hat Le Corbusier schon Ende der 40er mit neuen Wohnkonzepten wie dem Unité d´habitation in Marseille zum Beispiel, der Mutter aller Plattenbauten, oder eben Brutal Architektur wie es heute genannt wird. Für diesen Wohnkomplex gestaltete er eine Lampe für den Außenbereich, der den Charakterzug eines Pollers hat und in Kombi mit dem Sichtbeton Look natürlich auch gerade heute wieder fasziniert.


Gesehen habe ich die Lampe im Oktober diesen Jahres auf einem Designabend der Firma NEMO in München. Die Firma entwickelt eigene Lampen und Leuchten. Parallel dazu widmet sie sich aber auch der Neuauflage von Designklassikern. Die BORNE BÉTON ist eine aus der Serie dieser Master-Kollektion, die an diesem Abend in den Räumlichkeiten der Agentur Markenkultur gezeigt wurden.



Adriatic Pleasure Cruise Croatia 2017.

Der Sommer geht leider zu Ende, aber es gab noch ein Highlight für HighTide; unser traditioneller Easy-Cruise in Kroatien. My 1st Mate, our Boat and me. Dieses mal wurde es eine DUFOUR 350 GL. Ein wunderbares Boot, der Detailbericht zum Boot selbst folgt asap in einem separaten Post.


Für 2017 haben wir uns als Startpunkt die Marina Kremik ausgesucht. Das ist südlich von Primosten. Wir planten einen Törn in Richtung Norden in die Südkornaten, also Mitteldalmatien. Ziel waren die Inseln Zirje, Kakan, Kaprije und Zlarin.

Aufgrund der Wetterlage hatten wir nicht ganz soviel Zeit wie angedacht. Plan war es auch noch weiter nach Norden zu gehen. Nach Murter wäre ich gerne noch gesegelt, das gab dann aber die Zeit nicht her. Wir hatten die Woche vor Abreise schon eine schlechte Wetterprognose und es besserte sich auch nicht wirklich.

 helming heading upwind steering


Traditionell kaufe ich mir immer den Meeno Schrader Törnberatung/Wetterprognose für Rund 90 EUR. Denke aber das ich das zukünftig nimmer beziehen werde. Mit all den WetterAPPS und dem Kroatischen Seewetterbericht sind es die 90 EUR nicht mehr wert. Zumal ich ab Zustellung keine Updates bekomme. Wetter ist Veränderung.

Geflogen sind wir wieder easy mit der LH von MUC nach Split. In einer guten Stunde waren wir dort und dann zack, zack mit UBER in den Hafen. Direkt bei CHILLA SAILING geklopft und unsere ziemlich neue Yacht übernommen. Das Chilla Team ist jung und kompetent und setzt sich sehr für eine gute Ausstattung der Boote ein. Anton, der uns das Boot übergeben hat erklärte alles en Detail und sagte uns auch worauf wir achten müssen und was ihm wichtig ist. Ja, die Übergabe hat sogar richtig Spaß gemacht. In Kroatien habe ich die Erfahrung gemacht, dass das Einchecken wie im Hotel ist. Die Betten sind schön gemacht, die Handtücher drapiert. Wunderbar. Besonders gefreut haben mich die weißen Handtücher. Das ist stylo. Oft habe ich auch schon so bunte Muschelprints etc. erlebt. Hier nicht, hier war alles abgestimmt, inkl. Küchentüchern und Toilettenpapier. Basics eben. Da kommt schon zu Beginn ein gutes Gefühl auf. Wie im Hotel eben.

Im Supermarkt der Marina haben wir dann provisioniert und waren klar. Nur das Wetter war alles andere wie klar. Es tobte und regnete. Das war insofern echt irre, da die Marina ja für ihre geschütze Lage bekannt ist. Hier hat es aber geschüttet, als gäbe es kein morgen.



Am DI war es dann soweit. Wir können auslaufen, das Wetterfenster passt. Wir habe SE mit rund 12kn, ideal. Unseren Törnplan haben wir verändert. Aus unserem einwöchigen Törn bleiben ja nun nur noch 4 Tage übrig:

Day 1: Marina Kremik – Zerje, Bojenfeld Tratinska, 250kn

Day 2: Zerje – Kakan, Bojenfeld Potkucina, 200kn

Day 3: Kakan – Zlarin, 140kn

Day 4: Zlarin – Marina Kremik

Distanzmäßig sind die Etappen easy. wir machten immer so knapp 20nm am Tag. Wichtiger war uns der Weg. Durch die nahen Ziele konnten wir genießen und Schläge machen wie es uns gefällt. Wir hatten ja auch einen Gennaker an Bord den wir einsetzen wollten. Am 2. Tag nach Kakan konnten wir diesen auch richtig gut einsetzen. Am dritten Tag hatten wir auch noch einen irren Downwind Kurs, aber bei 17kn brauchen wir den zu zweit nicht mehr setzen. Wobei setzen und segeln nicht das Thema sind. Ich habe dann Schwierigkeiten beim Bergen. Wer mir hier Tipps geben kann, gerne.



In Tratinska buchten wir über die „MySEA“ APP, in den anderen beiden Buchten war eine Resevierung leider nicht möglich. Schade, denn das ist dann immer so ein pokern; lange draußen bleiben und segeln, oder früh rein und sicher an der Boje liegen. Das ist immer der schmale Grad. Klar, am Ende kannst dann auch ankern, aber auch hier wieder, doof zu zweit. Da habe ich dann immer die Ankerwache und den Hassle, wenn es nachts nicht hält. Hatte ich, brauch ich nimmer.

Die Restaurants in den Buchten waren allesamt großartig. Meist hatten wir eine umwerfende Vorspeise mit lokalem Schinken und Käse und als Hauptgang einen Fisch mit Mangold und Kartoffeln. Ein wirkliches Geschmackserlebnis. Könnt´gleich wieder essen. Wobei auch hier selbst Anfang Sept. eine Reservierung nicht schadet.



Alle Infos zur Planung haben wir wieder aus dem 888 gezogen. Das war wie immer eine sichere Bank und macht auch Spaß. Erstaunt hat mich, dass es nicht wirklich Törnempfehlungen für eine Woche nach Norden geben hat. Mei, wahrscheinlich aber ist es eben so easy in den Südkornaten, dass eben jeder direkt sein Ding macht.


Bin gespannt wo es uns nächstes Jahr hintreibt. Hab mir extra schon einmal ein paar Kuna als Reserve übrig gelassen. Angedacht ist eine Woche ab Zadar, oder doch wieder Split und schnell an Hvar vorbei nach Korcula. We will see.





Extreme Sailing Series – back in Hamburg.

The America´s Cup is quite over, but we are all keen for the next challenge. We will be in New Zealand, but nobody  knows on which boats we will race than. I think it will be foiling catamarans again. On the other hand there are a few sailors which expects foiling monohulls. That days the America´s Cup legend Dennis Conner was talking abouzt 90ft monohulls. We will see. Let´s go back in the harbor of Hamburg where the EXTREME SAILING SERIES takes place for the third time. It is a great chance for the the young guns to be on one of that high performance foilers. The GC32 Class is the entrance for the international racing circus and the chance to get a member at one of the America´s Cup Syndicate.



In 2016 we had enough wind in Hamburg for sailing. At least the catamarans just need about 6kn to get the lift out of the water. Unfortunately in August 2017 we just had gusts with 6kn but a lot of rain. The typical Hamburg Conditions. In that conditions it was really good, that Land Rover is the supporter of the Extreme Sailing Series, cause they had a big on-site set-up. You can get there a feeling of the off-road capability of the whole Land Rover range or you get a test-drive with one of the Land Rover Fleet. Unfortunately the time of the Defender is over. The world is crying. That´s really a pity. The next which will fate this fate will be the Mercedes G-Modell. His military licence will also expire and that´s it. But that´s another story, back to the test-drive. I drove the brand new VELAR and all I can say; that´s the car you´re waited for. Soon you will get more experience about it on my blog.



Back to sailing. It was still raining and there was still no wind. Therefore we enjoyed the delicious food and had a look at the guests, the sailors and VIPs. On Tuesday for example the senator for sports of Hamburg came and had a look what´s going up in the harbor. Above that we had a lot of 49er Racers and young guns who had a look at the race.


Last not least a fun fact makes the round at the paddock. Just that week they made the comparison between the The NACRA17 with the standard dagger board and the foils. The result is surprising. The foils are slower! But the pros in Hamburg are the opinion that will be changing when the skippers will get more experience.



We will see what the foiling generation will bring us in the near future. What do you think? Just tell me via comment. Right now we are talking about monohull Foilers?


Where to stay:

I was located near the dock in the Hafencity in the SIR NIKOLA Hotel which was one of my best hotel experiences ever. Here you will finde the link to my Hotel Experience in detail.

Feel the Heat on a Extreme 40 Catamaran.

Back in the 90ies I have been at Lake Garda with my parents to have a look at F40 Catamaran Race. That was very exciting for me as 12 year old LASER Sailor. Over the years I have been on many Boats including the G32 Foilers and now there was a chance to get on one of the Extreme40. It´s one of the last before the Extreme Sailing Series get´s their foilers.


At the end it is cool, cause it has more the catamaran feeling. The foilers are foilers. That´s quite an own species. The Extreme40 incarnate the pure catamaran feeling. Yeah, it´s like a DART 18 in big size. The speed-up and rising of the hull; pure cat feeling. Just bigger and faster.

The Crew was quite cool. We had Massimo the skipper, his maintrimmer and the bowman. Each of the are real pros. They know what they do and they have fun with it.


You can choose if you will just sit there and enjoy this wonderful cruise or you can also be part of the crew. You can be a helping hand. That was exactly my intension and it was great. In the beginning I have been critical about it. Cause it was noch cheap and I was afraid that it is just a tourist cruise. We know that from other countries. The skippers are sometimes not motivated and lazy. Here at SAILING DU LAC / SEGNANA it is totally different. They are highly motivated.

In the morning I was highly critical, cause we had no wind (vento). I asked the management and the said no worries, it will come and they were right. All in all it was a perfect ride.

Where to stay:

In Torbole the hotels are mostly quite easy, clean and fine. At that time we booked the Hotel Villa Alberta and it was quite a new experience at Lake Garda. The rooms are fine, the lago standard. A bit too small, but OK. You are not in the room anyway. The oustanding part of that hotel is the service in total. All of the stuff members are very helpful. Above that the hotel has many additional services. There is for example a very serious look for the bike garage. Not everybody can go there. That´s a service which is very important. Another point which was quite cool; the yoga session in the morning at the lake. That was a premier for me in over 25 years at the lago. Why didn´t we do that before? The breakfast is served in a kind of veranda. That´s amazing to say hello to the day. Especially cause there are turtles at a pond where you can look at. Here you will find my rating on TripAdvisor.

Palmavela – Being Part of it.

There are a few races around the world which are really awesome. The Palmavela Regatta in Palma is one of that legends. In 2017 I got the chance for it. Our Race-Skipper Sascha Jäger called me a few month ago and told me about his vision, getting part of the Palmavela. He found a way to get a race yacht which is based in bay of Palma. I need no second to say yes to him. I knew the boat, I read about it in the last years. She was built for racing. SIEMENS MOBILE sponsered it in their high point and JOT was the fastest yacht in the bay.  That´s years ago. In the meantime Oliver Ochse does it´s trainings on that boat and we get it for the PalmaVela.



palmavela stopper deck  palmavela wally harbour rcnp


That´s a cool move, cause at least it´s a race boat, an old one and marked by the years. She´s really not a beauty and everything is kind of broken. We had a broken backstay, lots of backlash in the rudder, but the dacron sails with the impressive number ESP7000 were brilliant. We had a fast mainsail and two foresails. One for more and one for less wind and also two spinnakers. Unfortunately we destroyed one in the training. That´s a pity.

 segelsack working

Palmavela skipper steering downwind

The Crew of Sascha was a brilliant mix of sailing soldiers with a highly developed sense of celebrations. We had a triad aboard:

  1. The most smashed racer
  2. The booziest crew
  3. …and the best atmo&performance.

crew mannschaft palmavela regatta palmavela startboot

In total we had three days of training and 3 racing days. The first training day was the hardest. Evreyone has to find it´s position on the boat. We had to organise the processes and manoeuvres aboard. We really get better on the second day. The weather conditions were awesome. Plenty of sunshine and enough wind. Above that it was fascinating to see all the WALLYs on the water, which also do their training exercises.

fock bowman palmavela mast palmavela racing regatta

maxi72 palmavelabig boat yacht racing oakley palmavela racing regatta

palmavela krängung palmavela racing regatta spinnaker palmavela racing regatta

At the 3rd day we were quite good on the water. That´s amazing, cause in the meantime we had the 2nd night in the Bierkönig, Ballermann and Mega Park. Yeah we had the Mallorca full contact programm. From the Royal Yacht Club (RCNP) to the sediment of mankind and I have to say, everything of it has it´s charm.

steering palmavela wally palmavela

palmavela gill helly hansen palmavela marked

unter deck, palmavela segel tacking kante palmavela

The first race day was coming and we were all very excited. Particulary cause of our new spinnake, which we will hoist for the very first time, cause we broke the other in the last training day. At least it´s just another Spi, therefore we managed it quite good, instead of our whole race. We don´t get the speed in the first race. Don´t know why, it was not our day. For this we were better the next two days and in total we were better than expected. We had a top speed with „JOT“ of about 14,8kn and in total we finished in the last third. Which is quite cool, cause we were the punks and the only crew which was not paid for it. If there should be a ranking for amateurs, we were first, for sure.That´s a move for underdogs. We were part of the PalmaVela. That cries for new challenges.

In total it was a lifetime experience and we had a perfect crew of different yachties.

palmavela boatshoes sperry mastwalk mast palmavela

yachts palmavela anchoring wally palmavela

palmavela wally yachts palmavela racing regatta


Where to stay.

We stayed in Palma in the LAS ARENAS, which was fine for our mission. It was quite cheap and we had breakfast and dinner. Both was not delicious. We go out for dinner every evening. There are so many good restaurants and tappas bars along the coast. All of them were awesome. In the Hotel we just took the breakfast and there the basics. Eggs, Toast and Fruit. Everything else there is not constitute a recommendation. In a Nutshell, the location is quite good and very closed to PURO BEACH. The rooms are clean and OK for sleeping. We had the „all incl.“ and therefore it was cool to get a few drinks between the shower and the nightlife.