Extreme Sailing Series – back in Hamburg.

The America´s Cup is quite over, but we are all keen for the next challenge. We will be in New Zealand, but nobody  knows on which boats we will race than. I think it will be foiling catamarans again. On the other hand there are a few sailors which expects foiling monohulls. That days the America´s Cup legend Dennis Conner was talking abouzt 90ft monohulls. We will see. Let´s go back in the harbor of Hamburg where the EXTREME SAILING SERIES takes place for the third time. It is a great chance for the the young guns to be on one of that high performance foilers. The GC32 Class is the entrance for the international racing circus and the chance to get a member at one of the America´s Cup Syndicate.



In 2016 we had enough wind in Hamburg for sailing. At least the catamarans just need about 6kn to get the lift out of the water. Unfortunately in August 2017 we just had gusts with 6kn but a lot of rain. The typical Hamburg Conditions. In that conditions it was really good, that Land Rover is the supporter of the Extreme Sailing Series, cause they had a big on-site set-up. You can get there a feeling of the off-road capability of the whole Land Rover range or you get a test-drive with one of the Land Rover Fleet. Unfortunately the time of the Defender is over. The world is crying. That´s really a pity. The next which will fate this fate will be the Mercedes G-Modell. His military licence will also expire and that´s it. But that´s another story, back to the test-drive. I drove the brand new VELAR and all I can say; that´s the car you´re waited for. Soon you will get more experience about it on my blog.



Back to sailing. It was still raining and there was still no wind. Therefore we enjoyed the delicious food and had a look at the guests, the sailors and VIPs. On Tuesday for example the senator for sports of Hamburg came and had a look what´s going up in the harbor. Above that we had a lot of 49er Racers and young guns who had a look at the race.


Last not least a fun fact makes the round at the paddock. Just that week they made the comparison between the The NACRA17 with the standard dagger board and the foils. The result is surprising. The foils are slower! But the pros in Hamburg are the opinion that will be changing when the skippers will get more experience.



We will see what the foiling generation will bring us in the near future. What do you think? Just tell me via comment. Right now we are talking about monohull Foilers?


Where to stay:

I was located near the dock in the Hafencity in the SIR NIKOLA Hotel which was one of my best hotel experiences ever. Here you will finde the link to my Hotel Experience in detail.

Palmavela – Being Part of it.

There are a few races around the world which are really awesome. The Palmavela Regatta in Palma is one of that legends. In 2017 I got the chance for it. Our Race-Skipper Sascha Jäger called me a few month ago and told me about his vision, getting part of the Palmavela. He found a way to get a race yacht which is based in bay of Palma. I need no second to say yes to him. I knew the boat, I read about it in the last years. She was built for racing. SIEMENS MOBILE sponsered it in their high point and JOT was the fastest yacht in the bay.  That´s years ago. In the meantime Oliver Ochse does it´s trainings on that boat and we get it for the PalmaVela.



palmavela stopper deck  palmavela wally harbour rcnp


That´s a cool move, cause at least it´s a race boat, an old one and marked by the years. She´s really not a beauty and everything is kind of broken. We had a broken backstay, lots of backlash in the rudder, but the dacron sails with the impressive number ESP7000 were brilliant. We had a fast mainsail and two foresails. One for more and one for less wind and also two spinnakers. Unfortunately we destroyed one in the training. That´s a pity.

 segelsack working

Palmavela skipper steering downwind

The Crew of Sascha was a brilliant mix of sailing soldiers with a highly developed sense of celebrations. We had a triad aboard:

  1. The most smashed racer
  2. The booziest crew
  3. …and the best atmo&performance.

crew mannschaft palmavela regatta palmavela startboot

In total we had three days of training and 3 racing days. The first training day was the hardest. Evreyone has to find it´s position on the boat. We had to organise the processes and manoeuvres aboard. We really get better on the second day. The weather conditions were awesome. Plenty of sunshine and enough wind. Above that it was fascinating to see all the WALLYs on the water, which also do their training exercises.

fock bowman palmavela mast palmavela racing regatta

maxi72 palmavelabig boat yacht racing oakley palmavela racing regatta

palmavela krängung palmavela racing regatta spinnaker palmavela racing regatta

At the 3rd day we were quite good on the water. That´s amazing, cause in the meantime we had the 2nd night in the Bierkönig, Ballermann and Mega Park. Yeah we had the Mallorca full contact programm. From the Royal Yacht Club (RCNP) to the sediment of mankind and I have to say, everything of it has it´s charm.

steering palmavela wally palmavela

palmavela gill helly hansen palmavela marked

unter deck, palmavela segel tacking kante palmavela

The first race day was coming and we were all very excited. Particulary cause of our new spinnake, which we will hoist for the very first time, cause we broke the other in the last training day. At least it´s just another Spi, therefore we managed it quite good, instead of our whole race. We don´t get the speed in the first race. Don´t know why, it was not our day. For this we were better the next two days and in total we were better than expected. We had a top speed with „JOT“ of about 14,8kn and in total we finished in the last third. Which is quite cool, cause we were the punks and the only crew which was not paid for it. If there should be a ranking for amateurs, we were first, for sure.That´s a move for underdogs. We were part of the PalmaVela. That cries for new challenges.

In total it was a lifetime experience and we had a perfect crew of different yachties.

palmavela boatshoes sperry mastwalk mast palmavela

yachts palmavela anchoring wally palmavela

palmavela wally yachts palmavela racing regatta


Where to stay.

We stayed in Palma in the LAS ARENAS, which was fine for our mission. It was quite cheap and we had breakfast and dinner. Both was not delicious. We go out for dinner every evening. There are so many good restaurants and tappas bars along the coast. All of them were awesome. In the Hotel we just took the breakfast and there the basics. Eggs, Toast and Fruit. Everything else there is not constitute a recommendation. In a Nutshell, the location is quite good and very closed to PURO BEACH. The rooms are clean and OK for sleeping. We had the „all incl.“ and therefore it was cool to get a few drinks between the shower and the nightlife.

BOOT Düsseldorf 2017 / CLUBSWAN 50

In 2016 SWAN celebrated its 50th anniversary. For that reason the Fins launched a outstanding yacht; the ClubSwan50. The 4th one-design-class in the history of Natur´s Swan.

The yacht is a revolution in pure and powerful sailing without loosing the pleasure in style. This boat is a hell of a yacht. Powerfull enough for an ambitious crew and a dynamic performance cruiser for a easy crew of two.

When I came on the Swan booth at the BOOT I was impressed by the yacht. You approach the ClubSwan50 from an angle and your eyes get lost at this massive keel. Your pulse get´s higher and than you will recognize the wavepiercer bow and the fat stern with the double rudder. Each of them has markes at the end like a samurai sword. It´s all for the hydrodynamic and it is a pity that you cannot see it all the time.

IMG_8967 IMG_8965

The Rigg is very modern and inspired by the VOR65 Racers. The mast is quite in the middle of the boat with an extreme rake to the back. In combination with the boom, which is longer than the end of the yacht it is spectacular. It´s a kind of a PS4 optic. You know that design from rc yachts. I like that, it´s so excessive and WOW.

IMG_8963 IMG_8958

The deck is huge and clean. Everything is at its place and reduced to the max. It´s all a question of the weight. You see that also in the cabin. It´s not the typical look of a swan, but you feel the Swan DNA. It´s all about weight. There are everywhere options to reduce more. In the inside there are also a few options which you can choose. E.g. the galley could be placed in the front. Whatever you like.

IMG_8959 IMG_8960

At the end it is a real beauty and state of the art in yacht engineering. A kind of little TP52 which can also be sailed by a sporty family. The only weakness for me is the low freeboard with that open stern. Both looks great and sexy, but I cannot imagine that this combination is helpful for a amateur crew in heavy weather.  From my point of view a Swan must always be ready for the ocean.

Foiling is sailing in the 3rd Dimension.

What a stunning experience last weekend. HighTide was invited from Land Rover for their ExtremeSailingSeries in Hamburg. That´s a request I don´t need a second to say, yes for sure. The regatta is a racing series all over the world and last weekend it takes place in Hamburg. The really good thing on the event is, that the races are quite close to the spectators.

Close Promenade close to public III

Fleet Race LRBAR Foiling Promenade

That race series is running around the world. GC32 is the type of catamaran which is used for that race. It is a foiler in form and type like the America´s Cup catamarans, just smaller. The America´s Cup racers are 45ft long and therefore bigger than the and the GC32 with it´s 32ft. The crew counts 5 very strong men and the boatspeed gets up to 30kts.

TEAM LR Champagner better

You will find much more infos about the race direct under this link, ExtremeSailingSeries. Back to Hamburg. The event started on Thursday with the press conference of the team members of the Ben Ainslie Racing Academy and on Friday till Sunday the Race was on. I arrived on Saturday at the Cruise Center in Hamburg and met the Land Rover Team there and I got my briefing for the next two days.

First of all we started with a Experience Cruise with the Defender in the Park. Word up, a Defender ride is always exciting and a good ride. That´s such a pity that the regulations will stop that fantastic offroader in the nearby future. His successor is still prepared. We will see how it will work. It would be great if there will be a evolution similar to the MINI, or the 911. Above that the black fleet which stands in the front row of the test-drive-area was impressive. I´m curious how Land Rover will realise the eMobility in the Future. From my point of view hey have to launch a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) till 2020. Time is running fast and soon Land Rover will open their innovation centre in Warwick, NAIC. I personally think that the race is on and first of all I expect a Plug-in-Hybrid (PHEV) and after that the BEV is coming. In that way all the car manufacturers will do it. The PHEVs will bridge the way from traditional powertrains to eMobility. We will see.

IMG_7234 IMG_6282

After we get our oilskin we went to the pier and entered the Zodiac and get out to the river Elbe to look for the Land Rover BAR Racing Machine. The first moment when I saw it was breathtaking. When I get aboard I couldn´t believe. This is once in your life. WOW.

Spray II Shoes III

Muscles IMG_6465

IMG_6429 Elliot III

Break II China ONE

One second later we were on course. The conditions were perfect. We had a windspeed of 10 to 13kts. and the catamaran feels really different to my cats I sailed before. It´s a funny feeling. You know it, but the movements on that foiler are so brute, so powerful, that´s awesome. Especiall when the cat is coming on his foils. The sound was outstanding. Overall the noise on that boat is unbelievable. You can hear the fractious power.

Out on Foils Wendemarke

IMG_7323 IMG_6817

The crew under Elliot Hansen did a few downwind and upwind courses and I get a feeling when the accelaration hits the boat. The catamaran is so agile. You can feel it so direct when the change the courses or hoist up the Code Zero. It was fantastic to see how the crew handeled the Code Zero. In, out in a speed that my eyes had difficulties to follow. Above that they did the tacks and jibes in a way you can´t imagine.

IMG_6588 IMG_6442

After that kind of training we came back to the dock an Land Rover was a great host. I had a wonderful lunch and good entertaining. The absolut highlight was still coming. I will be part at the race. Live aboard on a GC32 Foiler in race mode. Could there something which is more exciting? Let me think about it . . . NO! My Pulse gets high. There were a few minutes left till the start. I used the time for little chats with SAP regarding the analytics and their engagement in sailing and why they do it. That was quite interesting, but that´s another story.

Analytics IMG_7309

TEAM LR Close Promenade II


The time has come, racing. Unfortunately we had a bad start and we canot get back to the lead, but that was more a problem for the crew than for me. For me it was an highlight. Thank you Land Rover for that Experience.

IMG_7312 LRBAR Blonde

IMG_7217 IMG_7302

Where to stay?

Hotels are always a sign of time. After the pure and clean look we´re getting cosy. For that trip I found a very outstanding hotel in the middle of Hamburg. A friend told me about that awesome place, named HENRI HOTEL. It´s direct in the heart of HH between the central station and the shopping street Mönckebergstraße, which is also the Metro Station for the Hotel.

The look of the hotel ist very contemporary and there is a lot to see. The furniture is a mixture between modern, classics and other creative things. In the room you really feel like home or being at a friends flat. Above that it is quite funny if you need something to eat or drink. You can just order it at the reception. The reception itself is placed in kind of living room with a bar and a fridge. You can also go down and take your drink in that common room.

HERE you will find my review on TRIPADVISOR.








SEAPOINT RACE – The Sailing Race between two Petrol Stations.

In the early summer Sebastian came to me and told me about a race which could be quite easy and cool. In the beginning there was the idea to go from Helsinki to Tallinn, but cause of I don´t know the race course changed and we went into the skerry landscape in the western part of Finnland. The Idea was to go on the boat which is the only way to come to SCOLA, that wonderful restaurant in Barösund. Good idea, I will be part was my first reaction. Particularly I´ve never been in the archipelago of Helsinki. Sounds like a cool trip and for me another chance to get back on Nautor´s Swan 51 EIRA after our Atlantic Crossing in 2012.

Skiffer Terrasse Skiffer Logo Seapoint Planning Seagul

Together with my fiancé I traveled to Helsinki and we landed there in a horrible rain shower, which gave us direct the feeling for the next days.

At the next day we had luck, the sun was shining and we had a good time in Helsinnki, which is an amazing town. Good mood, perfect style and cool guys there. EIRA herself lis lying at the dockyard of the Royal Yacht Club in Helsinki, which is on a wonderful little Island in the bay of Helsinki. It´s really a great and very historic place there.  Unfortunately there was not really time to enjoy, the briefing for the race is going to take place nearby. The aligner of the regatta is the local petrol station, named SEAPOINT. Therefore the regatta is called SEAPOINT RACE. The crew around that race is pretty cool. This was to be expected cause the logo and the colours of SEAPOINT are stylish. That means the people who created it must be cool. OK, this was a little outbreak, cause I´m in marketing and tend to realize those kind of detais.

Anyway the start in the rain was, what should I say . . . wet and windy, but the mood was good on the boat within our mixed crew and we had good food from the market hall in the harbour which we picked up direct with the boat at the market hall.

The line-up of the boats was impressive, incl. the crews. Regulation that it was intended as humor was then very seriously, regarding the crews and the boats. E.g. Sebastian´s SWAN was not the only one.

The landscape between the little islands is awesome. We have to come back when the sun is shining. That must be very nice there. The Race itself was really fun. You are well adviced if you have one sailor aboard who knows that area. Don’t try it it as a charter crew with a nautical chart. Do it with a pro. Trust me ist will be easier and you will see the landscape, not just the nautical chart.

In the late afternoon we docked the boat in Barösund and yeah there was – surprise, surprise – another SEAPOINT Petrol Station, which looks even better on that cosy island between the red cottages. After that „Disney Moment“ we entered the SCOLA Restaurant. The awards ceremony was in Finnish and therefore I had difficulties to follow, but overall I got the point. Unfortunately we were none of the winners but we had a great time.

At that time I had now clue about the Finnish Sauna Culture. But before we went to the Sauna, we had a phantasic dinner. That was really outstanding. My motivation to go to the sauna was limited, but there was no way to keep up that mentality. Perhaps the alcohol did its job to change that. Nevertheless a few minutes later I saw myself walking through the Finnish wood, paddling in a boat and find myself with parts of the crew in a cosy cottage with undefined drinks in my hands. We don´t talk about the rest of that evening, but we say thank you to my fiancé and the crew, who got me back on the boat.

Another Skipper Barösund Cafe

The way to the boat was quite long and that was good for my condition. Back in the saloon of EIRA the music was still on and yeah, funny again. The next morning was similarly hard. Good that there was a cute cafe behind the SEAPOINT Petrol Station where all the yachties got their breakfast and there was another funny story, but we don´t talk about it.

That´s it, back to Helsinki on an easy downwind course with not so much rain. The rolling sea was fine and the fresh air of the baltic sea gave us the energy back. When we came back to the Yacht Club, Nyländska Jaktklubben, I made a mistake and slipped from the dock into the harbour. The funny thing, I just got wet till the knees and my arms. The rest of the body was quite dry. OK on the other hand I was just a few seconds in the water; Sebastian lifted me up me up very quickly. Thanks at that point to you Sebastian!, cause it wasn´t so easy to get back on the dock.

All in all it was a perfect trip nearby Helsinki. If you ever have the chance for a cruise in that area, do it. It is unique and FinGuys are good guys. There is just one littel rule: don´t drink with them. You will loose.

Where to stay in Helsinki.

If I´m in any town my first look for a hotel is always the homepage of Design Hotels. That was also a good choice in Helsinki. We had there our first night, befor we get on the yacht. The hotel KLAUS K is a promise and really a good hotel. You can read my review direct HERE on Tripadvisor.

Crossing the Ocean.

Today is a rainy day. That´s always a good opportunity to organize a fews things. Today I was searching for flights to Helsinki. There will be the SEAPOINT RACE in June and we will be aboard of EIRA. That´s the fantastic SWAN 51 of Sebastian Gylling who is the owner and skipper of that classic Nautor´s Swan Yacht. I was on that boat at the end of 2012 were we crossed the Atlantic within the Atlantic Race for Cruisers. Today I was thinking about that cruise and would like to show you the video again. ATLANTIC CROSSING / VIDEO


America´s Cup DUBAI

„Der Druck war hoch heute, aber wir haben alles herausgeholt“, mit diesen Worten fasste Sir Ben Ainslie seinen durchaus beeindruckenden Sieg zusammen. Am Start gab es Schwierigkeiten, aber dann hat er doch gesiegt. Mich erinnerte es an den Sieg von BMW ORACLE Racing vs. TEAM Newzealand in 2013. Da ging es nach einigen Schwierigkeiten dann auch noch auf das Sieger

2016 Louis Vuitton Americas Cup World Series. LandRover BAR skippered by Ben Ainslie (GBR) shown here celebrating after winning the first event of 2016 (Photo by Lloyd Images)

2016 Louis Vuitton Americas Cup World Series. LandRover BAR skippered by Ben Ainslie (GBR) shown here celebrating after winning the first event of 2016
(Photo by Lloyd Images)

2016 Louis Vuitton Americas Cup World Series. LandRover BAR skippered by Ben Ainslie (GBR) shown here in action on day 2 of racing in Oman where the team won the event (Photo by Lloyd Images)

2016 Louis Vuitton Americas Cup World Series. LandRover BAR skippered by Ben Ainslie (GBR) shown here in action on day 2 of racing in Oman where the team won the event (Photo by Lloyd Images)










Das BAR  Land Rover Racingteam gibt ohnehin gut Gas. Deren Engagement wirkt sehr überzeugend. Der absolute Siegeswille ist so spürbar. Das dachte ich mir schon auf der Pressekonferenz der BOOT zu Beginn des Jahres. Dieses Team will es wissen. Diese Englische Symbiose wirkt kraftvoll. Hier spürt man die Seemannschaft „All Hands on Deck“.

2016 Louis Vuitton Americas Cup World Series. LandRover BAR skippered by Ben Ainslie (GBR) shown here in action on day 2 of racing in Oman where the team won the event (Photo by Lloyd Images)  Louis Vuitton Amereica's Cup World Series The LandRover BAR Americas Cup team practice and prepare for the start of the racing in Muscat on Sat 27th Feb

Louis Vuitton Amereica’s Cup World Series
The LandRover BAR Americas Cup team practice and prepare for the start of the racing in Muscat on Sat 27th Feb

Bei BAR ist die Stimmung ohehin gut, das Team freut sich auf Dezember 2016, wenn das neue Boot „R1“ der Weltöffentlichkeit präsentiert wird. Erstaunlicherweise geht BAR aber jetzt schon einen anderen Weg. Normalerweise wird beim AC alles sehr geheim gehalten. In diesem Fall aber hat das Team bereits Know-how vorgestellt. Diese Vorgehensweise erinnert ein Wenig an TESLA, die auch das hauseigene Wissen der Öffentlichkeit darlegen. Das ist neu, das ist gut. Wir kennen alle noch die Bilder aus den 80ern wo die Rumpfformen der Schiffe in Laken gehüllt präsentiert wurden.

Dieses Know-how Thema pusht natürlich auch Land Rover immens, was natürlich auch Sinn macht. Dort sind Ingenieure mit enormen Wissen, ebenso vorhanden, wie die entsprechende Hardware. Da denke ich z.B. an einen Windkanal; Menschen&Maschinen eben.  Wobei mich das nun an Fritz Lang´s METROPOLIS erinnert.  Grundtenor war dort war ja auch die Macht der MenschMaschine. Wobei – vorsicht Ironie – diese AC72 Katamarane sind ja auch irgendwie Monster und martialisch, aber auch das passt zu Land Rover. Ich bin ja ein Kind der 80er und für mich war die Camel-Trophy damals das Maß aller Dinge. Ganz nach dem Motto: „Lieber im Sumpf übernachten, als über Nacht versumpfen.“ Das ist aber auch wunderbar, denn hier schließt sich dann  auch wieder der Kreis, bzw. die Ideologie, die Story, dass es bei Land Rover eben immer auch um das Abenteuer geht. Das wird schon deutlich transportiert über die Jahre und das ist auch gut.

Bildmaterial mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Land Rover Presseabteilung, Lloyd Images.

BOOT Düsseldorf / OYSTER is really a class of it´s own.

My first encounter with a OYSTER YACHT was at the Antigua Sailing Week in the noughties. You have to know that is quite a familial race. At one evening in any bay we were invited on a OYSTER of an Italian owner and we had espresso and lots of Heineken. That was the Moment I realized that the decision for a yacht of that wharf is a decision of your heart. This boat gives you a feeling of security combined with performance.

IMG_3872 IMG_3867

IMG_3855 IMG_3854

A few years later I saw that kind of ocean going majesties of the sea at the ARC and there I felt it again, the spirit of the OYSTER Owners. It ist a special cohesion they have. After that I started to have a closer look to that boatbuilder.  The funny thing is, that the wharf was est. in 1973, like me. That increased my feeling for Oyster, of course. Above that the OYSTER WORLD RACE which was invented by OYSTER istself is another milestone in the character of OYSTER. The idea is quite simple, if your are a owner you can be part of that rallye which goes around the world. It´s a world rounding within a community of people with the same toy. Good idea, Bro!

IMG_3885 IMG_3881

IMG_3875 IMG_3863

All in all that SemiCustome Yachtbuilder is really a Brand of the Ocean. In 2016 the yhad just one Boat at the fair. In 2015 there were two of them. Nevertheless every boat they show at the BOOT is always a owner´s boat. Therefore it is unfortunately not allowed to make pix inside. That´s a pity since I visited them the first time. Perhaps we can handle it in the future.

IMG_3857 IMG_3865

Above that we talk about the problems with the keels, but I just get a standard PR answer regarding that tremendous topic. I will look at that fact in the future and will inform you regarding that keel subject. Above that I will tell you soon more about the OYSTER WORLD RALLYE. Till that point; save your money. The OYSTER is no bargain.

BOOT Düsseldorf / Land Rover BAR Pressekonferenz

Am ersten Tag der Messe gab es gleich ein Highlight. Sir Ben Ainslie gab sich die Ehre. Den Regattaseglern unter uns ist er bekannt als elffacher Weltmeister, fünffacher Olympiasegler und America´s Cup Team Member der Siegercrew 2013. Mir persönlich imponiert er, weil er eben auch wie ich ein LASER Segler ist. Aber nicht nur sportlich hat dieser Kerl etwas auf dem Kasten. Er ist zudem auch noch in ritterlichen Kreisen angesehen. Aufgrund seiner Erfolge wurde ihm der Titel Commander of the British Empire und Knight Bachelor verliehen. Dieser Titel hat nun gar nichts mit dem Casting Mist irgendwelcher Fernsehkanäle zu tun, das hier ist vielmehr die James Bond Nummer. BÄMM.

Zurück zur BOOT. Am ersten Tag also hat Land Rover zur Pressekonferenz geladen. Die Aufregung war groß, die Zuschauerreihen gefüllt wie nie auf der BOOT.

Folie Publikum

Auf der Bühne selbst gab´s keine Überraschungen. Ben Ainslie sprach über den Cup, seinen unbedingten Willen diesen wieder nach Great Britain zu bringen und freut sich hier sehr über die Zusammenarbeit mit Land Rover. Diese Zusammenarbeit fühlt sich auch wirklich gewachsen und überzeugend an. Es ist eine durch und durch Englische Kampagne. Diese Grundüberzeugung wird auch durch die mrdiale Präsenz von Prinz William und Kate auf den AC Events sichtbar. Da fällt es auch nicht in´s Gewicht, dass die Pressekonferenz einer Bootsmesse von Land Rover als Partner iniziiert wurde. Im Gegenteil es machte Sinn. Die gewohnten Fahrzeugexzesse  vermischt mit Herleitungen warum alles so gut passt, gab es nicht. Alles was Marketingleiter Christian Uhrig zu Land Rover präsentierte war spannend und nicht aus dem Marketingeinerlei gefischt. Nun gut, klar gab´s auch Worte zum eben gelaunchten Evoque Cabrio. Das war aber auch ok und die Kiste ist auch wunderbar. Ein Gesicht in der Masse und ja, gerne möchte ich ihn mal fahren. Alleine dieser Reiz spricht schon dafür.

Portrait Seite  Pod closer

Der Grund für die Zusammenarbeit überrascht deshalb nun auch nicht sehr. Es ist eher offensichtlich und es ist gut. Es geht eben um starke Partner mit dem äußersten Willen den Cup in´s Empire zurück zu holen: #BringTheCupHome. Die technologische zusammenarbeit und der Innovationsaustausch der beiden Partner lässt Rückschlüsse auf deren Platzierung im Qualifying zu. Ich bin überzeugt, dass Land-Rover BAR mit guter Wahrscheinlichkeit im Kampf um den Pott stehen werden. Im Moment liegt Land-Rover BAR im Gesamtranking auf Platz 3. und noch sind es 6 Rennen bis zum eigentlichen Cup 2017.

Koop Kids

Spannend am Land Rover Engagement ist dass die Engländer einen Gegenpol zu Audi setzen. Die Franken sind stark im Offshorebereich und in Verbandsklassen unterwegs, während Land Rover auf die coolen Geschichten setzt. Dazu zählen neben dem AC auch die www.ExtremeSailingSeries.com und die Land Rover BAR Academy. Letzteres gefällt mir besonders gut, da es diesen Charme der Red Bull DJ Academy hat oder deren Geschichten der Break Dancer. Das weckt Begehrlichkeit und steht mehr für Power im Gegensatz zu Verbandsarbeit.

LR Logo Sail  Uhlig close-up

Bin gespannt wie sich die AC Challenge entwickelt. Als nächstes zieht der AC Regattazirkus vom 21.06. bis 24.06.2016 nach Portsmouth zu einem weiteren Rennen für die Quali innerhalb der Louis Vuiton America´s Cup World Series. Wir sind gespannt und auch in 2017 wird es wieder heissen; her Majesty, there is no second.

Foiling und Helme.

Bin gepannt wie es beid er Entwicklung der Foiler Cats weitergeht. Ich bin ja nun auch kein Freund von übertriebenen Sicherheitsmaßnahmen und Vorschriften. Ein Minimum finde ich nun aber schon gerechtfertigt. Schwimmwesten müssen auf jedem Boot sein. Helme finde ich bei Katamaranen der alten generation übertrieben. Bei der aktuellen Entwicklung der Foiler aber gerechtfertigt. Der Phantom fliegt eben mit locker  20kts und mehr über das Wasser und bei einem #SailFail kann das schon Hals und Kragen kosten.

Zwischenzeitlich sehen wir ja auch immer mehr Kids im Opti und BIC mit Helmen. Das macht schon Sinn, außerdem gibt´s dann auch endlich eine Halterung für die GoPro. Fix am Boot wird auch langweilig, der Brustgurt stört im Trapez und der Kopfgurt ist immer so wild auf dem Kopf. We will see.